Online Equipment Log

SportNet System Maintains Equipment Records for Sports & Leisure Centre Managers

Keeping up with a co-ordinated programme of daily checks, regular servicing, routine maintenance and repairs for all the sports and fitness equipment within today’s leisure centre can be a headache for many managers. However, it is essential, particularly as these records may be called upon should there be any form of health and safety incident.

Utilising our industry experience, we have developed an online system to assist centre managers in this respect. Called SportNet, managers and relevant staff have access to a comprehensive log of their equipment where all appropriate activities for each item can be efficiently recorded for future reference. The system will also flag-up regular servicing required and/or the need for particular maintenance and repairs because of damage, breakages or usual wear and tear.


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Initially, a log is made of all relevant equipment on site. For existing Sport & Play customers, this information may already be in our system and so will not need to be entered. The facility is then provided, to authorised staff, to record routine health and safety checks to verify that they have been undertaken. However, importantly, any maintenance or repairs required can also be logged, as can the fact that they have been undertaken when complete.

A complete record is maintained. Therefore, should there be an accident using a piece of equipment, or indeed a warranty claim needs to be made, then the log within the SportNet system can be used as evidence. For further information about the system and how it can assist you in managing the equipment at your centre, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to arrange a demonstration.